Every successful business leader or even worker should always develop some habits. For Miki Agrawal, the tradition is scheduling her meetings and calls in 2-hour windows. She also organizes to have her meetings in 15- or 30-minute slots. She stated that she gets much done working with her teams in two-hour periods. The plan also helps leave her with more time to think, fabricate, dream of, and build a bigger company vision. Miki takes the whole business thinking game to a whole new level. While her schedule consists of a 2-hour window for calls through the week from Monday to Thursday, she prefers not to have Friday work calls. She takes the day to continue thinking about great ways to expand the horizons of the business, products, and solutions.

While Miki Agrawal does focus on being productive, she also states that she could always advise her younger self to slow down some time. She believes that sometimes the body needs rest and, in the end, all people are mortal and need to enjoy themselves sometimes.


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You are responsible for making the world better, but you also need to slow down and relax. Let your body recover when it needs the rest. Miki has been awarded several professional accolades. The female entrepreneur was also featured in the Top 20 Millennials on a Mission list. The Fast Company, World Economic Forum, Time Magazine, World Technology Summit, and other firms have also given the entrepreneur some well-earned awards.

As an innovative corporate leader,Miki Agrawal is often searching for methods to modify the existing products. She always aims to create more eco-friendly, artful, and efficient designs in pre-existing products.

About Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal’s strategy of finding a solution to a commonly known but overlooked problem through disruptive approaches has currently landed her several successful businesses and books.

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