How Cloud Inventory works

Cloud Inventory is a digital inventory management system that allows you to manage your products in a digital environment. Using Cloud Inventory can streamline your manufacturing process and reduce the time it takes to get products to your customers. T

he system allows you to store your products in a secure cloud account and then access them anytime, anywhere. You can also use Cloud Inventory to send products from one production line to another without waiting for the product to be unloaded from the first line.

Three products of Cloud Inventory.

The three products are Field Inventory Management, Manufacturing Materials, and Warehouse Inventory. These products allow you to manage your inventory in a digital environment and they include;

  1. The Field Inventory Management features are used to manage your inventory on the go. When you don’t have access to a computer, you can use this Inventory Management to keep track of your products in stock. This feature is great for retailers and manufacturers that want to keep track of their inventory on the go.
  2. The Manufacturing Materials feature is great for selling products in bulk quantities. This feature would be used by a manufacturer or retailer that sells goods in large quantities and wants to know how much they have on hand at all times. They can always know how much they have on hand with this feature.
  3. Warehouse Inventory feature is excellent for retailers and manufacturers who have a large inventory. This feature is often utilized by those who sell products in large quantities. The inventory feature helps you keep track of the products that you have available and your inventory levels.

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud-based solutions, it is important for businesses that use these systems to keep track of all their products. Refer to this page to learn more.


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