People are afraid of severe storms even though the Citizen app enhances their safety. They have developed a new system that gives accurate weather alerts to share with your community. Citizen app started as a “Vigilante” in New York in 2016. However, Apple pulled it from its store within 48 hours of launching. The app does not encourage people to take the law into their hands. However, it helps them stay away from dangerous situations.

What’s New

Citizen App has seen the importance of weather warnings in the community. As a result, they have decided to change how they share information. They will start sending immediate weather warnings from the National Weather Service. All users will access the news and take action in time. The alert notifications will be about dust storms, thunderstorms, and floods that may occur in your area.

The weather alerts provided by other services may involve multiple users without the expected appearance at times. Citizen App only send alerts to users within a specific area to avoid unnecessary noise.

Immediate notifications from citizen apps are designed to provide relevant and essential information, including live radar showing storm speeds. If you are in the affected area, you will be able to broadcast a video to citizens to warn about the storm in your area.

User Interaction

They ensure that communities are safe by informing more users of the impact of hurricanes in their area. For instance, New York City users were aware of the heavy rains since they received Citizens app notification. Acquiring such information in advance allows people to find safety in a safe environment. The Citizen app includes news of a city hurricane and floods and the most affected areas. See this article for additional information.

Like any other news, their users can share content to provide the latest and real-time updates.


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