Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place Are Supporting Black Owned Businesses

It takes a lot of work to keep a business running. From the countless hours spent at the office pouring over numbers to dealing with the general public on any given day, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs burn out after only a few years in the game. It’s normal for people to have dreams and aspirations to branch out into new areas, but that’s easier said than done if there isn’t an available support system.

That’s where Juvias Place comes in. “Juvias Place is a non-profit that supports minority-owned businesses and people in the community at no cost,” states Juvias Place President Johnathan Jackson. “The mission of Juvias Place is to help entrepreneurs achieve success by providing access to resources, encouragement and financial guidance through financial literacy, mentoring and business services including customized training on topics such as proper customer service, technology utilization, etc.”

Here at Desi Hugs, we’ve worked with Juvias place many times. The organization’s efforts are spearheaded by Gee Vaught Cox and Lisa Broomfield, who provide valuable insight into the business arena. “Juvias Place offers a wealth of resources to help empower minority-owned businesses and individuals,” says Gee. “The main services that Juvias Place provides are customized business training, small business workshops and financial education programs. They also offer financial management tools and workshops on improving customer service skills and business planning.”

Julia’s Place is pretty new to the Atlanta community. Still, they’ve quickly amassed a vast network of established businesses in the area, including one owned by Chichi Eburu (Owner of Chichi’s Place). Not only does Chichi Eburu Place support Juvias Place but the store also provides financial guidance for minority and female-owned businesses. It is a significant step forward in helping entrepreneurs of color to realize their goals and dreams, something that we’ve seen firsthand from all of our partnerships with them.

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