Bhanu Choudhrie is the executive director of C&C Alpha Aviation Group. He has helped over 100 nonprofit organizations improve their financial performance by raising millions of dollars in assets, largely from companies and foundations seeking to donate. The company has global investments in private equity, hospitality, banking, aviation, and real estate.

Choudhrie is an entrepreneur and has made several successful investments that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. He was born in June 1978in India. As a businessman, he has made a lot of achievements and is more useful for the betterment of the society he was born in, his country, and his business. Choudhrie is still involved in many business activities. He also acts as an ambassador for many companies and organizations.

C&C Alpha Aviation Group is a privately held investment company based in Indian Wells, California. The company invests in businesses in the fields of real estate, private equity, hospitality, banking, aviation, and healthcare. Bhanu Choudhrie advises and offers consultation services to his venture capital investors on key corporate growth and financial management areas.

He also advises on the management and administration of companies. He has strategically developed business development teams that help companies understand their offerings and develop their brand image. C&C Alpha Group was established to focus on real estate investment, creating new revenue streams for the Los Angeles area.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a philanthropist who has actively participated in charitable activities and social services. He has supported several organizations, mainly those involved in health care, education, art, and culture.

He donates the revenue he earns by running the C & C Alpha Aviation Group to the hundreds of charities and organizations he supports, including the various foundations run by his parents. He focuses on positive social change, and his actions are based on the idea of giving back to society.

He has also been working in education by partnering with several educational institutions in India and the Los Angeles area. Bhanu Choudhrie is an avid sports enthusiast who has attended professional and amateur sports events. To know more click: here.