Before Bhanu Choudhrie founded his company Alpha Aviation Group in 2006, several young men and women who wanted to join piloting had lost hope. The companies present prior to 2006 were offering commercial piloting lessons at a very expensive price thus many people could not afford the fee.

Thankfully, his idea got a break though when he was licensed to offer commercial pilot training. Although Bhanu Choudhrie’s introduction of Alpha Aviation Group came as a savior to many people, small, medium and obviously new players in the industry of training commercial pilots lacked resources.

Essentially, these aviation companies did not have the muscle to develop their own pilot training curriculum. As such, they were forced to outsource from the companies they were competing with, something that could not be a walk in the park for the new companies.

Nonetheless, Bhanu Choudhrie remained steadfast. Over the years, the innovator managed to come up with his own resources and learning outlines that enabled his pilot trainees to thrive. Hitherto, Alpha Aviation Group pilots are recognized all over the world for their unmatched competence.

It was a big win for Bhanu Choudhrie and Alpha Aviation Group family in general when industry regulators approved AAG to provide Multi-Pilot Licensing. The news that AAG had been granted the go ahead to provide such accredited training and further execution of other training protocols was one of the happiest moments for Mr. Choudhrie. Compared to traditional pilot training, MPL utilizes simulators.

Besides, pilots are no longer required to hit the more than 230 hours that was initially required for in-flight training. Instead, current trainees need to hit 70 hours dedicated for in-flight lessons. With Covid-19 disruptions, many things took a slow movement. However, now that various authorities are relaxing stringent measures, there is reason to believe that Bhanu Choudhrie is reorganizing himself for a huge return.

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