Sports were shocking when Alfons Hörmann came into office. He saw the bright red alert in top-level sport and wanted to speed it up. He criticized the bureaucracy that slowed things down and gave the Chancellor a hard time. But he didn’t see any improvement after he promised a sporting reform. His idea wasn’t really implemented because of a lack of political willpower. In fact, the opposite happened – bad results at the Olympics brought the political powers together again. He blamed the weak economy for the failure of the sports reforms and made the point that if you have money, you should spend it on your children instead of on football stadiums.

The members of the board are not responsible for everything said about them by other people, even those who are close associates. But what is true is often said in a way that can be interpreted differently by different people. When someone says something that sounds like praise, he might actually mean something else. This applies especially to statements made during the press conference.

Alfons Hörmann believes sport is incredibly important to Germany’s society, especially in lockdown times. Sports clubs provide opportunities for social interaction and help keep our minds sharp during this period. As well to physical activity, sports allow us to meet others, bond with friends, and earn money.

Those who win the contract will be working on a very ambitious project. They need to bring back the reputation of Germany’s Olympic movement and rebuild the trust of international partners like the IOC. The DOSB will have to reestablish relations with the German federal government, and other governmental agencies must be convinced that the organization is financially capable of carrying out the projects. Furthermore, there will be many different stakeholders who will have to be satisfied. Source: http://www.alfonshö