Alex Pissios is a blogger, author, and marketing consultant. He writes about today’s important topics, including the changing marketing landscape and how to improve your business. Alex Pissios is passionate about all things digital and loves sharing his knowledge with people. As a columnist for Business 2 Community and Forbes, he aims to bring in-depth articles that bring readers into the realm of digital media. His blog page has been built up through organic growth, reaching tons of amazing readers daily thanks to his national campaign partner deals with Magzter and Hubspot. Continue reading here

  1. Early Life

Alex Pissios was born in Belgium in a small town called Nulle. His family moved to the Netherlands as a teenager after his father took a job teaching at a Dutch school. He attended High School in The Hague and earned his International Baccatelic Diploma with honors. He then studied at the Universiteit van Amsterdam to become an International Relations Officer (diplomat).

  1. Career

After finishing university, Alex Pissios decided to work as an international relations officer for an international organization in Bonn, Germany. Alex Pissios spent a couple of years there and grew professionally and personally from the experiences. He then moved on to work as the Communications Manager for an international oil company in Germany.

  1. Business

A few years after leaving Oil, Alex Pissios took up a freelance project management role in sales with an IT software company in Italy. His Job was to help manage a team of translators who had been hired to help localize the product, and he did so for three years before deciding that he wanted more responsibility and challenge, so he quit his Job.

  1. Philanthropy

Alex Pissios is a global citizen who donates 10% of his income to charity or social organizations. In Canada, he has been active in fundraising activities for the last couple of years.

  1. Family

Alex Pissios’s family is still very much part of his life, and he tries to spend as much time with them as possible. He ensures that each of his brothers is enjoying the best cultural experiences wherever they go. Last year, Alex Pissios brought them together in Italy to celebrate their father’s birthday, and they had a great time together.

Alex Pissios is a content creator, social media marketer, and serial entrepreneur who helps some of the world’s biggest brands strategize their online marketing campaigns. He works to help them connect better with their customers both online and offline.