Alex Pissios was born in Chicago. His father was a special education teacher, inspiring him to become a special teacher. To fulfill his dream, he went to Northeastern Illinois University, where he studied special education. After University, he started his career as a special education teacher until his uncle offered him a better deal to work for him in the leather and fur industry, but he later joined the real estate.

Before 2009, Alex was doing well as a real estate developer. Unknowingly to him, that was only the calm before the storm. His career crashed during the recession that happened in the same year, which left him bankrupt. He had to stay at home as a stay-at-home dad for over a year, looking after the kids while his wife went to work.

Then an invitation to a family wedding changed his life. Alex Pissios met Nick Mirkopolous at the wedding. Alex’s misfortunes saddened Nick, and he wanted to help. At that time, Nick was running CineSpace in Toronto and wanted to expand his business to Chicago.

After clearing his bankruptcy fee, Nick gave Alex the responsibility of looking for a location for CineSpace that could fit three sound stages. Alex found 60 acres which were okay with his uncle. In 2011, Nick and Alex founded the CineSpace Chicago Film Studios.

Alex Pissios worked hard to improve CineSpace. Thus the Studio experienced tremendous success under his leadership. So many important movies have been produced in the CineSpace studios, leading to the creation of over twenty thousand jobs. The Studio had grown to 31 soundstages by the time he sold it in 2021.

Alex is very committed to giving back to society. He supports many charities such as DePaul University School of Cinema, Ark of the World Children Charity in Greece, and many more. He also founded the CineCares foundation to honor his uncle Nick Mirkopolous. More to read from Alex Pissios on Medium