Bhanu Choudhrie’s commitment to the development of social infrastructure is mirrored in a significant way by his choice to construct a community in his birthplace, Delhi. In May 2011, he launched the Choudhrie Social Development Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the regeneration of areas of Delhi that have been affected by urbanization. The foundation is an innovative initiative dedicated to a long-term effort to create a sustainable social infrastructure for Delhi.

Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie graduated from Boston University with a degree in international marketing and business in 1997. Bhanu is one of the leading investment firms in India with interests in multiple industries, including real estate, healthcare, aviation, banking, utilities, and hospitality.

His success from being a student at Boston University to his current position can largely be credited to his father. Bhanu Choudhrie had been an early investor in IBM and has worked in business development in the United States and Asia for companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. Mr. Choudhrie also founded and sold a digital company in New York.

Bhanu has written extensively for international publications on business and technology. He sits on the advisory board for Harvard Business School’s Owner’s Presidents Management Program and co-chairs the Global Advisory Board for WellnessPoint. While attending Boston University, Bhanu’s writing was published in various newspapers, including The Boston Globe, the Harvard Crimson, and Asia Times Online.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s businesses include Alpha Aviation Group, Atlas Air, and Global Angel Investments. Over the years, he donated to a range of charitable causes and development programs. He serves on the University of Oxford Centre for Developmental Studies board. Bhanu is also a trustee of the Asia Society in New York and India’s Ashoka Trust for Culture.

C&C Alpha Group has invested in more than 80 companies with a total transaction value of $3.8 billion. His investments in aviation include the purchase of StandardAero, the parent company of TripAdvisor, and his former investment in Virgin Atlantic, among others.

Bhanu Choudhrie has been a significant portion of the firm’s real estate investments in South Asia. In the medical sector, Bhanu Choudhrie firm oversees the acquisition of seven hospitals, two of which are world-renowned, in India. He also plays great roles at Alpha Aviation Group.